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"Fur" - DC Comics, Man-Bat (2021)



Langstrom sat perched atop the highest building in Gotham City.

An almighty, ugly structure, the Wayne Enterprises building was 10% function & 90% showboating. The sleek chrome design forced garish sunlight to blaze across the shady city below it, blinding passers by & heating up the pot-holed sidewalk. At least at night, it gave Kirk a lofty viewpoint away from the bustle of the busy evening & bought the furred fiend a little closer to the stars.

Long, sharp claws latched onto the building's edge. A pair of torn, denim jeans covered his haunches, their ragged cuffs sitting around his calves - Langstrom wasn't sure why he still bothered with them. His entire body was covered with thick, chestnut brown fur & the minimal clothing seemed arbitrary... But regardless, they reminded him of his dwindling humanity, if nothing else.

Kirk's large ears twitched as they digested the sounds of the city. Sirens, traffic, nightlife, even distant shouts & screams made their way to the Doctor's impressive senses. A small, upturned nose wrinkled at the stale, smokey scent of Gotham City & golden orbs peered down at the distant streets below. It was a dirty town, largely abandoned by the state & forgotten by the outside world. Gotham seemed to exist in a bubble -- the kind of rancid, slimy bubble that formed atop stinking swamps full of discarded garbage & mutilated body parts.

And yet, Langstrom wouldn't leave. He'd considered it, of course, taking flight to warmer climes, gentler towns, even a lonely shack up in the mountains would be an improvement. But, he simply couldn't bring himself to do it.

Gotham City, for all its foibles, held an undeniable connection to the man he used to be. A well-respected doctor, a master of his craft, a man forging an indelible impression on the history of medicine. The whole lot, every accolade, every award-winning paper & life-changing development, every successful surgery & precious life saved, all of it was thrown to the dogs the night he transformed.

Now barely more than another of the city's monsters, Kirk Langstrom sat perched atop the highest building in Gotham City. At least up here, he was a little closer to the stars.

Originally written and shared as part of Verbuary 2021:

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