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Queer Consultant  |  Trading Card Artist  |  Pop Culture Enthusiast

I'm a writer, artist, speaker and enthusiast from Essex, UK. 

​For six beautiful years, I owned Dark Side Comics. There, alongside daily work at the forefront of the comic book industry, I fostered an incredible, all-inclusive, diverse, loving and unique community. That, and those six years, are something I will be proud of forever.

I work on licensed trading cards, lending my illustrations to the likes of Marvel, Rick & Morty, DC Bombshells, Steven Universe and more.

With my knowledge, experience and passion for change, I visit schools and workplaces to offer talks and Q&A sessions.  My sessions on LGBTQA+ Sensitivity involve discussing, teaching and training people to better understand their LGBTQA+ students, employees and colleagues. With talks on various Queer Issues, I can also directly speak with LGBTQA+ kids to offer support, encouragement and inspiration. Through teaching acceptance, diversity and representation, we strive to make the world a better place for everyone.

In my downtime, I also enjoy writing. Both personal projects, and offering my unique perspective to news sites such as Need To Consume, The Express, Metro and more.

My unique perspective as a non-binary, comic-shop-owning, twenty-something has resulted in a handful of impressive features. I've been featured on the BBC, Women's Hour, Sci-Fi Now magazine, local press, podcasts & more.

About Me: Bio
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