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"Weak" - Jason Voorhees & Freddy Kruger (2021)



It had started like all good love stories - with a savage rivalry.

One pitted against the other in a battle of wills and the supernatural, each of them soon realised they possessed a common goal. Why fight, when their skills would be better utilised combined? Both boys found themselves exponentially more successful when working in gory tandem.

Of course, that had only been the beginning.

What started as a raucous evening of butchery and bloodshed soon evolved into weekends at the lake and late night trysts. They'd laugh over milkshakes, one strawberry, one chocolate, threadbare black converse meeting vintage DM's beneath the sparkling table. They'd walk home under the stars, sharing stories of their favourites, memorable summers and dreamy evenings regaled with unbridled glee and ample gesticulation, both laughing until their knees were weak and their stomaches ached. They'd arrive home eventually, the humble cabin in the woods, and fall into a shared bed, pressing soft kisses to one another before the promise of united dreams carried them away.

It was then, of course, that they'd adventure in the wildest of ways.

Hands clasped, they'd journey to the farthest reaches imaginable. Worlds made up of colours and textures, almighty fields of tortured souls and starry nights of candy-coloured guts. They'd kiss in downpours of crimson rain and rend flesh from bone in divine displays of love unbound. Every night bought new places, new offerings, new fierce ways for their infinite love to endure.

The misunderstood boy from the woods and the troublemaker from the small town, Jason and Freddy made a remarkable couple. Sparkling silver blades carved their initials into a tree, gentle, plump hands mended the holes in Freddy's striped sweater and each handled the other with implicit care. Each boy completed the other, the quiet empathy versus the sleazy jokes, the mischievous grin versus the blushing shyness. Freddy's bolshy confidence, radiating like heat from a fire, perfectly matched the cool, ebbing gentleness of Jason's inherent insecurity -- the two halves made a whole and each omnipotent beau made the other infinitely, inexplicably 𝙗𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧. 🖤


Originally written and shared as part of Verbuary 2021:

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