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"Active" (2022)


Cillian was handsome in the way that James Dean was. All mysterious pouty lips and dark eyes, auburn hair crested a pretty face, a small, symmetrical nose and a smattering of freckles. His body was slim and well-dressed in a close-fitting white t-shirt, black leather jacket and a pair of rolled, denim jeans. He was tall and interesting, and when he spoke, it was with an unplaceable affectation, a quirk which only seemed to add to his allure.

On late evenings, he'd ride his 1976 Harley Davidson through deserted crossroads. He'd smoke and stargaze, and, on occasion, treat himself to a cherry slushie from the gas station across town. Every now and then, he'd catch somebodies eye - a wayward wife, exhausted by an abusive husband. A teenage girl, finding the only place she could score alcohol uncarded. A closeted man, searching for the telltale signs of a fellow homosexual.

Cillian didn't mind. No matter the intent, people weren't hard to parse. Almost as if he possessed an instruction manual, Cillian caught fleeting attention and weaved it between his fingers. He'd whisper silky smooth compliments to longing ears or shoot a Hollywood smirk at the perfect moment. He'd twine his slender body over his thrumming motorcycle, lick his lips between cigarettes and watch as men and women alike fell for his temptation.

By the time he'd coax them into the gas station bathroom, they'd be putty in his hands. Often already discarding their outer layers of clothing, Cillian wasted little time in getting his fill. One, two hands at a time, Cillian would press neatly manicured thumbs into their eyes, his hands following the deft motion to split their mewling heads in two. Crimson yolk pouring over his palms, Cillian pressed his face into the open maw, inhaling the wet sponge and sloughing viscera in a single, greedy slurp.

With blood still dripping from his full lips, he'd hiss a satisfied affirmation back to his home world, "Active Emissary #1955... Feed #4097, complete."


Originally written and shared as part of Verbuary 2022:

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