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10 Perfect Fancastings We’ll Never Have (2015)

Updated: Mar 13

Fancasting – the process of mentally casting your ideal actor/actress to a fictional character, regardless of whether they have an upcoming movie or not.

Thus, a list of my current top ten fancastings. They’re fancastings we need… But we’ll never have.

1. Captain Marvel – Emily Blunt or Charlize Theron

I’ve always been pretty set on Emily Blunt for Carol Danvers, especially after her performance in Edge Of Tomorrow and Looper… But after Mad Max: Fury Road, I can’t help but think Theron would also fit the character, too! Either way, I’m hoping for a movie based off Kelly Sue DeConnick’s glorious run, a heavily comic-inspired suit and the mohawk pictured… And we already know Theron can rock the shaved head look! That said, Blunt totally kicks ass and is pretty visually perfect for Captain Marvel, too. Hmm. Either would be great!!

2. Hawkeye/Kate Bishop – Aubrey Plaza

Does this even need talking about!? Plaza was born for the role of sarcastic, tough-as-nails Kate Bishop. Stick her alongside Charlie Hunnam as Clint Barton, and we’ve got ourselves a Hawkeye movie or TV show in the making… Now someone get that girl in a purple t-shirt stat! She’s proved her comedy prowess with the likes of Parks & Recreation and Life After Beth, and she’s visually spot on. It makes so much sense!

3. Spider Gwen – Willow Shields

Spider-Gwen. She’s gotta be young-ish, capable of being both sensitive, and kicking butt… Who better than The Hunger Games’ Willow Shields!? She’s super adorable and sweet, but it’s equally believable she could take on bad guys and girls. Also, imagine little Miss Shields taking on the Punisher… And winning! That’s a thing I need.

4. Spider-Woman – Noomi Rapace

Isn’t about time the Spider-Verse in the movies got some awesome Spider-Ladies to join them!? Noomi Rapace would be pretty damn perfect as Spider-Woman, especially if it were based on the recent costume redesign – leather jacket, goggles, motorbike. We already know Rapace has acting talent in spades, (check out the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,) and she’s also got that natural bad-ass attitude that’d be perfect for an on-screen rendition of Jessica Drew. Marvel, make the thing!

5. Thor – Saoirse Ronan

So, we all know the original Avengers bunch are likely to end their contract and go their separate ways at some point… So why not introduce female Thor from the recent comic run!? Saoirse Ronan not only has the blonde hair/blue eyes combo that’s perfect for a Goddess Of Thunder, but she’s young enough to potentially commit to a long stream of movies. Her work in films like Hanna prove she’s capable of being ruthless and I’d love to see her battle a Frost Giant or ten.

6. Howard The Duck – Christian Slater

Okay, I’ll admit it. I really just want Christian Slater to have a place in the Marvel Universe. I also wish he’d do more voice acting, given his ridiculously distinctive voice, as shown in fairy-centric Ferngully, and the more recent TV series, Archer. Why not Howard? Obviously live-action Howard is a questionable choice, so an animated Howard (à la Rocket Raccoon,) would be pretty awesome, especially if it were based on the current Zdarsky/Quinones run. C’mon! WAUGHHHH!

7. Wonder Woman – Kate Beckinsale

Just look at her. She’d be perfect. She could easily stand up alongside Batman and Superman as an equal level of threat and power, and she’s absolutely stunning to boot. She’s got the strong features necessary in a portrayal of Wonder Woman, and at 42 years old, she’s a perfect age. She absolutely pulls off the strong, Amazonian powerhouse. Much better!

8. Ms Marvel – Alia Bhatt

There’s word on the street that we might be getting a Ms. Marvel TV series… So they’d better get their casting hats on soon! Alia Bhatt is a great choice visually, and I could totally see her pulling off the blue, red and yellow costume. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with her acting work, but I have no doubt she could bring life to the inhuman on-screen! However, she is 22, which may be a little old to play the teenage Ms Marvel.

9. Batgirl (Of Burnside) – Lily Collins or Jena Malone

I think it’s about time we saw Batgirl on-screen, don’t you? Why not base it on the Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr run, with a younger Batgirl glad in purple leggings? It’d be great to have a Batgirl movie aimed at a slightly younger female audience too, especially given how often that demographic is left out of things! Lily Collins certainly has the look down, although I’m somewhat skeptical of her acting chops. Jena Malone would be perfect for an older Barbara, and I fully believe she’d be capable of kicking butt alongside Gotham’s finest. She’s also a great actress!

10. Bishop – Idris Elba

I think we all want more Idris Elba, because Heimdall just isn’t enough. Why not cast him as X-Man, Bishop? It’d give him a little more to do than stand around guarding Asgard, and we get to see him armoured up as one of Marvel’s coolest characters. He’s certainly got the imposing stature, tough exterior and chewy centre… Wait, am I talking about candy or Elba!? Either way, he’d be totally perfect for the role of Bishop.

What do you think? Do you have any fancastings in mind that you’d love to see one day? Do you agree/disagree with my ones? Let us know in the comments below!


Originally posted on Need To Consume in September 2015

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