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Expand the minds of your colleagues, students or employees with The Rainbow Road: Discussions In Diversity.

The Rainbow Road seeks to inform, educate and expand. Through a short, informative talk, Bucky presents the basic knowledge needed to traverse the diverse LGBTQA+ identities present in our modern world. In a fun, accessible way, Bucky speaks from their own experience as an LGBTQA+ individual, combined with 6+ years of work at the forefront of a diverse community. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session, in which Bucky encourages an ‘ask me anything’ attitude, with no fear of judgement — there are no wrong questions!

The Rainbow Road opens up the discussion surrounding LGBTQA+ diversity, with the intention of creating a better, more understanding and kinder world.

Available for visits across the South East. 🌈

To schedule your FREE talk, please e-mail

The Rainbow Road: Products
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Alongside the FREE Rainbow Road talk, we provide a range of optional LGBTQA+ supportive badges and resources.

Pronoun and Ally badges are available to show support, at just £2 each, with logo-specific rainbow badges also available at request. 

Small "Support Packs" including 1 x pronoun, 1 x ally and 1 x logo badges can be made up prior to the event and offered on the day for just £5 a pack.

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Vintage Music Posters

Downloadable Posters & Print Resources


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The Rainbow Road: Testimonials

Laurence Cawley - Producer, BBC News

"Bucky is one of those extremely rare people who energise the air around them, turning ideas into likelihoods against a backdrop of occasionally raucous laughter.

Is Bucky great on screen? Absolutely. Does Bucky have a fabulous, engaging and welcoming voice? Totally. Are they a little whacky? Quite possibly. But if you focus on the whacky, you’ll miss something hugely important - the incredible amount ‘soul’ they bring to what they do.

They love comics. You might not love comics. But after a short time with Bucky, trust me, you’ll care about comics. Because they care about comics.

Having twice had the privilege and pleasure of filming with them for the BBC, yes we left with great footage. But beyond that, I twice left each filming session feeling a little bit happier than beforehand. Bucky's audiences feel that too."

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